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    At STEPNGRIP we believe there really are no boundaries to what's possible. We challenge you to push yourself to believe and realize the same thing. We continue to seek new and innovative ideas providing the you the edge on the competition.

  • Words About Our Products

    By Matthew Lynn Page

    The stepNgrip is ideal for basketball court that are dusty and /or dirty. My gym dosen't seem to want to invest any time keeping the gym floor clean and the stepNgrip is a perfect salution to my problem.

    By Daniel J Riggs

    This is a great much better then sticky sheets.At tournaments i just bring a washcloth and can washoff in bathroom in between games. the kids really get on me if i forget it some of the floors we play on the fifthy .This take the dirth right of the shose.

    By Julie Fren

    My dughter had 3 games this weekend and used it for all 3 . She absolutely loves it-- said it cleans her shoes and and give her nice grip. She also loves that its fits nicely within her duffel and very easy to clean! Definitly worth buying!

    By Coach Robert Craig

    We were one of the first teams to start using the new gel mat and we love it. Our basketball team and volleyball teams now use this newest traction board. We used to use the traditional peel away sheets – we don’t miss this hassle. I strongly recommend the Gel Mat to any team.