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Why Step N Grip?

Traction is an athlete’s best friend. The ability to make quick stops and fast moves separates you from the competition. Also, having great traction limits the chance of an injury. Removing slippery dust and dirt from the bottom of your shoes couldn’t be easier. Simply step and step off. Our traction boards remove the dust and dirt from you shoes providing you the ultimate in traction. Our boards will last you a lifetime as they are made from the highest quality materials. You will also receive the most competitive price. Our patent pending shoe scuff is only found on our products, which provides you the ultimate in traction. Our standard size board, which is our most popular board, is created in an exclusive molding process fusing our molded rubber backing to prevent damage to gym floors.

Don’t be fooled by using liquid products that contain acetone, which is the same product found in your basic fingernail polish remover. Acetone is a dangerous substance that can permanently remove color, burn your eyes, and harm gym floors.

StepNGrip is always dedicated to provide you the best solutions available by making remarkable and unique products and inventing latest technologies. It offers a variety of boards meeting your needs in multiple sizes. Recommended by most of the professional coaches and players, StepNGrip is a major success and the bestselling product.


We also provide the you to customize your own board. Simply print your logo on a standard sheet of paper and place it under the sticky sheets. It is that easy. Also, we can also print your logo and permanently place your logo on your board. Easy and great!